Vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of human body. With professional athletes and amateur sport enthusiast in mind, we created Vitamin C POWDER – a top quality product which will enable you to supply your body with the ideal amount of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is not only responsible for immune system function. L-ascorbic acid affects the functioning of the whole human body, participates in many metabolic reactions and enhances the absorption of other key nutrients such as iron.

Appropriate vitamin C levels ensure proper functioning of the nervous system, protect the circulatory system and help to prevent anemia as well as other diseases associated with disorders of the hematopoietic system. Vitamin C is also necessary to maintain healthy bones, joints and cartilage, which – in the case of athletes – are subject to extreme stress. It will also help you to retain a healthy white smile by strengthening teeth and protecting gums against periodontitis.

With our supplement you will actively support the functioning of your entire body and keep your health in a good condition!

With specifically targeted supplementation you can not only avoid deficiencies of important nutrients, but also prevent many diseases by supporting the proper functioning of your body.

Only Vitamin C POWDER will give you such a large dose of vitamin C in one serving! Forget about tablet supplements which have to be taken frequently and enjoy the convenience of Vitamin C POWDER – a product that will meet all your expectations!


Vitamin C POWDER is recommended to physically active people, including strength sports athletes, who wish to improve the functioning of their immune system, and whose demand for vitamin C is higher than average.

Using Vitamin C Powder increases absorption of other nutrients, improves the efficiency of metabolism, protects against periodontitis and seals blood vessels.


Mix 1 g of the product with 50 ml of water and drink once per day. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 1 serving (1 g) per day. Measuring spoon attached to the package.


– It is responsible for the immune system, improves absorption of compounds key to your health, e.g. iron

– Improves functioning of the nervous system

– Protects the circulatory system

– Prevents anemia and other diseases associated with disorders of the hematopoietic functions

– It is crucial for maintaining healthy bones, joints and cartilage



1 g (1 measuring spoon)


Vitamin C

900 mg