REAL PHARM MAX MAG is a modern supplement that contains the most digestible by the human body chemical form of magnesium – magnesium citrate. The second ingredient of REAL PHARM MAX MAG is vitamin B6, often called ‘the vitamin of sportsmen’. Apart from the fact that it has a number of incredibly important functions in our bodies, it’s also characterized by its ability improve the absorption of magnesium, which in case of magnesium citrate is already at a very high level.

REAL PHARM MAX MAG is a comprehensive supplement used to replenish any magnesium deficiencies, as well as to be used daily in order supply our body with suitable amount of magnesium.

The formula of REAL PHARM MAX MAG is based on only two ingredients. This apparent simplicity is a result of many years of advanced laboratory research. It’s been known for a long time, that magnesium citrate is the most easily digestible chemical form of magnesium.

It’s a common mistake that persons with diagnosed magnesium deficiency, or those who suppose they may have such deficiency basing on some symptoms, choose their magnesium supplement randomly. However, it’s worth to keep in mind that magnesium comes in various chemical forms.

What’s even more important, there are huge differences between all the form of magnesium when it comes to effectiveness. In supermarkets an in shops you may often find magnesium supplements in the form of magnesium oxide. It’s the cheapest and easiest to produce form of magnesium – no wonder it’s also the most popular one. Unfortunately, digestibility of magnesium oxide is only about 3%, which basically means these supplements are useless.

REAL PHARM MAX MAG is a top grade magnesium supplement that’s based on the most digestible form of magnesium acquired from a thoroughly tested resources and on vitamin B6.


The maximum daily dosage of REAL PHARM MAX MAG is 2 tablets in two servings, which is equivalent to 200 mg of magnesium citrate and 10 mg of vitamin B6.

The dosage should always be adjusted according to personal need, taking into consideration other sources of magnesium, such as food and other supplements.


1 tablet

Magnesium (magnesium citrate) 100mg

Vitamin B6 5mg


– Problems with the functioning of central nervous system (susceptibility to stress, sleep problems, prolonged periods of anxiety)

– Weakened immune system

– Weakened muscles and slowed down regeneration of muscle tissue

– slowed down metabolism of proteins and glycogen

– Higher susceptibility to physical fatigue and the feeling of psychical weariness