Max Complete Real Pharm is a top quality mineral-vitamin complex, designed to enrich your diet, especially if you are physically active. A perfectly balanced formula in synergistic doses, condensed into tablets in 1500 mg concentration.

Vitamins are, together with nutrients and water, the basic and indispensable substances responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Assisted by minerals, they regulate the metabolism.

Apart from all the properties described above, Max Complete Real Pharm prevents stress-induced crises and increases the body’s immunity by replenishing vitamins and minerals.

Living a modern lifestyle it is extremely hard to supply the body with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals relying solely on food, especially during an intensified training. Therefore, Max Complete Real Pharm is the ideal choice for those who wish to care for their health and immunity. Keep in mind that inadequate nutrient supply has a negative effect on the anabolic growth, or even blocks it.

Max Complete is a dietary supplement in tablets, designed for both professional and amateur athletes. Max Complete dietary supplement is a high quality product that supplements the diet of athletes in vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.


1 serving (2 tablets) of the product per day. Do not exceed the maximum daily dosage of 1 serving (2 tablets) per day.


Max Complete Real Pharm is the ideal choice for those who wish to care for their health and immunity.


2 tablets

Magnesium 180mg


Zinc 10mg

Iron 14mg

Manganese 2mg

Iodine 150ug

Chromium 40ug

Copper 1mg

Selenium 55ug

Vitamin A 800ug

Vitamin C 80mg

Vitamin D 5ug

Vitamin E 12mg

Thiamine 1,1mg

Riboflavin 1,4mg

Niacin 16mg

Pantothenic acid 6mg

Vitamin B6 1,4mg

Folic acid 200ug

Vitamin B12 2,5ug

Biotin 50ug

Bitter orange extract 100mg

(Citrus bioflavonoids 85%)

Artichoke extract (cynarine 5%) 8mg

Pumpkin seeds extract (DER 5:1) 60mg

Nettle extract (DER 5:1) 60mg

Green tea leaf extract (EGCG 55%) 60mg

Black pepper extract (piperine 95%) 1mg

Alpha-lipoic acid 10mg