Beta-alanine is an opportunity to exercise your muscles with optimal working conditions and anti-catabolic protection.

When training your bodybuilding, you are at risk of losing strength, and muscular endurance is put to the test. To conduct a good workout, your well-being and everyday form should be at the highest level.

Beta Alanine Real Pharm, containing the basic protein amino acid, will provide you with:

  • strength,
  • Force,
  • effective trainging,
  • reduces fatigue and perfectly regenerates you after intense effort.

Beta-alanine is a natural chemical compound that is responsible in our body for increasing muscle strength and endurance. In addition, it causes a rapid increase in lean muscle mass and helps in striving for the perfect figure.

The conditioner also helps to increase carnosine secretion due to the fact that beta-alanine floats on it in our body. Carnosine ultimately works on the rate of regeneration, strength, endurance, as well as acid-base balance and muscle tissue.

Beta Alanine also has a protective effect – protects muscles against degradation due to catabolic reactions.

If you are physically active, train professionally or gym is your hobby, but you want to have a beautiful body, Beta Alanine Real Pharm:

• will improve strength and endurance during each workout,
• eliminate soreness and accelerate post-workout regeneration,
• will accelerate the effects of weight training,
• will improve the nutrition of muscle tissue,
• increases muscle fiber contractility,
• will provide anti-catabolic protection,
• will provide you with optimal conditions for muscle work,
• quickly reduces fatigue.

Composition: beta alanine, citric acid (acidity regulator), aroma, sucralose (sweetener), colorings for flavors: grapefruit – E122, orange – E110, cherry – E124, pineapple – E104, citric – E104. (E122, E110, E124, E104 – may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.) Contains sweeteners.

Active Ingredients

1 serving

(1,5 g)


beta alanine

1,37 g