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Real Pharm AMino 8500 is a top quality product and contains only pure amino acids! This comprehensive formula of active compounds will let you take full advantage of each training – choose quality and proven effects of the best whey protein concentrate on the market. Brought to you in convenient form of a tablet!

Whey protein concentrate, on which the formula of Real Pharm Amino 8500 is based, is one of the best sources of amino acids required for maintaining the proper functioning of our bodies. The complete formula of endogenous and exogenous amino acids provided by Amino 8500 will make you quickly notice the effects of supplementation and you will face any training challenge!

Choosing the highest quality amino acids without any unnecessary additives you can be assured that your body utilizes their full potential!

Whey protein concentrate is a valuable source of IGF-1, TGF-1, TGF-2 growth factors that create perfect conditions for your body to operate at higher pace. What’s more, Real Pharm Amino 8500 contains immunoglobulins that positively affect your body’s immunity. It also guarantees perfect digestibility of cysteine, essential for the synthesis of glutathione, and supplies other, no less important compounds that naturally occur in whey protein concentrate.

Choose the trusted, highly bioavailable supplementation that will let you avoid shortages of amino acids needed for the regeneration of your organism after exercise and which are vital for building low-fat muscle mass.

Proven effects of whey concentrate in tablets by Real Pharm will also bring you other benefits, like effective protection against cancer development, as well as the indispensable support of the whole body’s functions.


– Assurance that you are choosing the highest nutritional value supplement

– Source of wholesome and easily digestible protein, which provides you with the perfect anabolic stimulus

– Quick and effective regeneration after workout by reduction of the harmful ammonia

– Perfect psychological condition and reduction of physical fatigue

– Guaranteed quick absorption of the supplement

– Vital source of energy that will let you replenish glycogen stores


Amino acid

100g 3 tabl.
L-alanine 4,7g 141mg
L-arginine 2,5g 75mg
cystine 1,6g 48mg
L-glutamine acid 16,7g 501mg
glycine 1,7g 51mg
Histidine 1,7g 51mg
L-isoleucine 5,4g 162mg
L-leucine 9,8g 294mg
L-lysine 8,9g 267mg
L-methionine 1,9g 57mg
L-phenylanine 2,9g 87mg
L-proline 6,1g 183mg
L-serine 4,7g 141mg
L-threonine 6,5g 195mg
L-tryptophan 1,4g 42mg
L-tyrosine 2,8g 84mg
L-valine 5,5g 165mg


Take 1 serving of the product (3 tablets) up to 3 times per day. Don not exceed the maximum dosage of 3 servings (9 tablets) of the product per day.


Real Pharm Amino 8500 has been created with amateur and professional sportsmen in mind – include it in your supplementation plan and it will help you achieve your training goals quickly!