Are you looking for the ideal protein supplement to be used before sleep or during longer breaks between meals? Would you like to provide your muscles with the optimum environment for effective regeneration and to protect them against catabolism? Real Casein 100 will meet all your expectations!

Real Casein 100 is a premium quality powdered form micellar casein for sportsmen and those exposed to intense physical effort. Casein is the slowest-metabolized of all proteins, therefore it’s recommended before night rest or during longer breaks between meals. High BCAA content makes Real Casein 100 effectively support your body and achieve even better training results.

In Real Casein 100, due to the use of advanced production processes, we have been able to almost entirely eliminate carbohydrates and fats from the final product.

Composition of 7 protein fractions combined in one supplement enables it to more effectively support the natural anabolic processes and protect against muscle catabolism. In our supplement you won’t find any redundant additives like carbohydrates, fats or fillers that take place of active ingredients! We are one of only few companies on the market to offer the purest and properly balanced supplements with proven effectiveness.

Real Casein 100 indirectly affects muscle mass growth speed and will help to effectively burn fat tissue. You won’t have to worry about protein deficiencies resulting from the use of reduction diet!

A nice addition to the extraordinary effects of Real Casein 100 is the variety of flavors this supplement comes in. They will satisfy even the most demanding palates!

Try it and see for yourself that Real Casein 100 is an indispensable part of your everyday supplementation. Become aware of your body’s needs and enjoy training results that up to now seemed impossible to achieve!


Real Casein 100 will let you effectively counteract night-time muscle catabolism, provide the optimum amounts of amino acids and a steady release of nutrients important to every sportsman distributed over a prolonged period of time.


– Muscle protection during reduction

– Quick and effective anti-catabolic effect

– Additional support for anabolic processes

– Nourished and strong muscles ready to operate efficiently


Mix one serving of the product (30g) with 200-300 ml of water or skimmed milk. Take up to 3 times per day. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 3 servings per day.




100g 30g

Energy value


353 kcal/1478KJ 106 kcal/443 KJ
Fat 1g 0,3g

incl. saturated fatty acids


0,4g 0,12g



4g 1,2g

incl. sugars


3g 0,90g

Dietary fiber


0,8g 0,24g
Protein 82g 24,60g
Salt 0,5g 0,15g


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