Halotestin is also known in some circles as H-drol or HD.

It is a 17aa anabolic androgenic steroid which, like all others, is a derivative of testosterone.

If you are familiar with your steroids, its structure is very similar to Turinabol.

It is an extremely effective steroid that works wonders for people looking to build muscle, bulk up, burn fat, and increase their overall strength levels.

It is also a very effective steroid for people looking to improve their athletic performance in the gym, on the track, or anywhere else for that matter.

This oral steroid is often considered to be a prohormone, though that’s not strictly true.

It is, in fact, a ‘designer steroid’ and was created by none other than Rich Gaspari, of Gaspari Nutrition.

It was briefly legal, though the FDA soon changed that and they clamped down on it and piled a lot of pressure onto Gaspari.

Subsequently, they removed this “supplement” from their website and stopped selling it to the general public.

However, like all other steroids, it can still easily be sourced on the black market.

Once consumed, the steroid makes its way through the bloodstream where it attaches itself to muscle cells.

Here it communicates with the nucleus within the cell and basically tells it to increase the rate of protein synthesis.

Furthermore, it offers zero aromatization, meaning that the side effects are not as severe as some other powerful steroids currently on the market


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