Genotropin Injections

Genotropin by Pfzier is manufactored using recombinant DNA technology which is primarily composed of Somatropin – a popypeptide hormone. Somatropin is an essential metabolic hormone which metabolizes lipids, carbohyhdrates and proteins which makes it a crucial aspect of Genotropin injections.

Genotropin Pen has been in use for a long time and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995 to be used as a treatment option for growth hormone deficiencies. It is now also FDA approved to treat adults for the same purposes. This is mainly because somatropin acts in the body to increase the retention of nitrogen, stimulate skeletal muscle growth and mobilize body fat through accelerated lypolysis and reduction of triglycerides uptake into body fat stores. Apart from significant advantages in enhancing linear growth and growth rates, somatropin also reacts very well with visceral adipose tissues and increases concentrations of IGF-I and IGFBP3 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3). Therefore, this drug is extremely useful or children and adults with metabolic and growth deficiencies.

The synthesis in the RDNA process combines bacteria, Escherichia Coli K12 containing plasma pBR322 and carrying 191 amino acids which are the same as in the human growth hormone. A peptide with 23 signals comes right before the 192 amino acids that form the human growth hormone. A particular peptidase signal in the plasma membrane isolates the signal peptide and the human growth hormone is then carefully harvested. Usually this final product is administered a purification process after which it is genetically engineered to bind with amino acids in the human pituitary growth hormone. Usually, the product is then taken using a pen or a syringe. Buy Genotropin as a drug, is then essentially a solution of Somatropin along with glycine, disodium phosphate anhydrous, m-cresol, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, mannitol, and water which needs to be subcutaneously injected. Sometimes, the drug also comes in powder form which first needs to be dissolved before injecting. Pfizer manufactures Genotropin injections which are administered with the Genotropin Pen that is used to mix the Genotropin Lyophilized powder and then inject it.

Benefits of GoQuick Genotropin Pen

Genotropin GoQuick Pen is a medical multi-dose device which is essentially used to mix doses of reconstituted GENOTROPIN Lyophilized Powder and for injecting these doses. The injection pen is reusable and carries a 2-chamber cartridge of Genotropin Pen. The reusability benefit is further augmented by its longevity; the pen can be safely utilized for a 2 year period starting from the first time that it is used. This device is not only safe to use but can also be operated effortlessly due to its simplicity and digital features. The pen carries a digital display of an indicative scale that allows you to see your selected dose. The scale is placed along the cartridge window and serves as a guide for dosage since numbers appearing on the scale that line up with the front edge of the rubber stopper indicate (in milligrams) how much of the Genotropin is left in the cartridge. Even though the drug in the pen comes in powder form as opposed to a ready-made solution, the user himself does not need to be concerned with the preparation of the dosage as the medicine mixes inside the pen. The user does not need to handle any vials to mix the Lyophilized Genotropin powder. The injection process too is made unproblematic with the optional needle guard that hides the needle giving stability to the pen while injecting.

The Genotropin Pen 12mg by Pfizer is also a low maintenance device with no special care required in its 2 year use period. You can simply wipe the outside surface of the pen with a damp cloth to clean it. The needle guard too can be cleaned by wiping it with an alcohol swab or damp cloth. Storage is simple as well – the pen only needs to be kept refrigerated between 36℉ to 46℉. You can also customize the pen according to your preferences. The covers and caps of the pen can be personalized with your choices of colors and designs. A tiny hole is also provided near the dose display so that you can attach decorative charms to the Genotropin GoQuick Pen.

Buy Genotropin Pen for Bodybuilding or Anti-Aging

Bodybuilders and athletes also benefit from long term treatment of somatropin as it increases muscle strength, capacity of physical exercise (stamina, endurance), lean muscle mass and metabolism. Models and others looking to decrease/maintain body weight also profit from Genotropin’s physical benefits since somatropin reduces triglyceride levels and excess body fat. Genotropin also has youthful benefits which make it useful for older adults in slowing down aging processes. Somatropin allows for stronger skin elasticity leading to decreased signs of aging (wrinkles, crow’s feet, balding) and provides more vitality through increase in energy.

Usage of Genotropin GoQuick Pen

Genotropin GoQuick Pen 12mg by Pfizer is essentially a self-injection device and the drug must be administered subcutaneously. It is highly recommended to keep rotating the sites of injection on the body to prevent chances of lipoatrophy. The dosage and treatment schedule should be personalized to every user because the recommended dosages differ from person to person based on the specific deficiency that they wish to target or the specific goal that they wish to achieve. One must never exceed the maximum limit or frequency of the daily recommended dose.


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